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Our learning center is in the west of Bali Island in Angkah, near Tabanan City.


Our school’s vision as a social purpose is to provide non-formal education for the village community, humanity goal through the environment and the religious culture by practicing Balinese offerings.

For that, we have our regular learning schedule. Giving access to free education for all children around the village especially English, computer, Balinese dance and Balinese culture lessons.


We are focused in the task of give the kids some extracurricular back up not only for enhance them with their studies but for promote an ethical environmental education. To achieve this goal we have structured a schedule along the week depending on age, level and availability of the kids:

Monday and Wednesday           14.00 – 16.00           Group A and B

Tuesday and Thursday                14.00 – 16.00           Group C and D

Saturday                                       14.00 – 16.00           All group

Sunday                                          09.00 – 12.00          Sponsored children




The support of donators

With our Dutch founder, Mrs Trudy Van Der Maden and the help of Stitching Indonesia Organization from the Netherlands, we were heavily supported. Many donators also helped the construction of the new learning center with its facility in Samsaman.


First projects

We spent 5 years of having activities at different places under the name “Yayasan Belajar Masa Depan”. This project was the very beginning of the school Yayasan Eka Chita Pradnyan.


The creation of the


On the 28th of February in Samsaman is founded the Eka Chita Pradnyan foundation. 

“Have the opportunity to come to Bali, and specially to this school was the best experience I've ever lived. The kids and the teachers are very lovely, since the first day. ”

Marta Canovas, Spain

Organizations that have been helping us financially

WINS Netherlands

WINS Singapore

Soewandi Foundation

Acarya Foundation

WINS Indonesia


SOAR Volunteer China

VIP-International, Volunteer and internship in Bali


Volunteer in Bali

YEAH Foundation

Stichting Indonesie

Love Volunteer

Workaway Project

Private Donations

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